Friday, April 8, 2011

...high's and low's and all things in-between...

There are days, in this journey of mine, that are extreme. One way or the other. Extremely awesome...and those that are extremely bad. Bad or awesome? Which one first? Awesome you say? Hmmm...bad it is then. ;)


Bad is having some "flat-earth" moron take one look at me and surmise that I'm a "guy-in-a-dress" freak. Refusing to use the name so prominently displayed on my nifty librarian badge, and choosing rather to refer to me by every masculine pronoun his limited cro-magnon brain can recall.

Bad is watching the "ever-so-NOT-sneaky" mentally underdeveloped men/boys as they believe themselves to be invisible while they crowd around the corner to peer at me from down the aisle and laugh.

Bad is having my identity challenged on a daily basis by those who should care about me most...but obviously don't.

Bad sucks!


Good is being so completely accepted as female...while making an emergency run to the grocery store...sans make-up and any form of confidence.

Good is having a student become so confused by my profile on IMDB as to ask if I shared the resume with my husband.

Good is being led to believe...for the merest moment...that a handsome straight man might find me attractive in the genuinely appreciative gaze from a stranger.

Good...could happen more often...please!

Sara Jade Woodhouse