Monday, August 15, 2011

Unnecessary Complications...or Truth Be Told...

So, I swore to myself (and you dear reader) that I wasn't going to give this "issue" any more screen time than it deserved. Well...apparently it deserves just a bit more.

Those of you who have been faithfully following my blog are aware that LeAnn and Kris Davis (mother and son) have most recently made their bigotry known. Apparently, however, only to be known by me (and my mother and two sisters). When confronted by others who ask the right questions...the story...might get a bit skewed. Allow me to clarify.

About a month ago, on my way home from work on Sunday, I received a phone call from my sister Jen. She was obviously upset, and proceeded to let me know that Kris and LeAnn made it clear to everyone (except me of course) that I was NOT invited to Kris's impending nuptials. Kris hadn't worked up the guts to tell me himself...yet. It was her way of giving me a heads up.

Now, there is some disagreement within my family about whether Jen should have done this or not. Well, it's done. She did. So, deal. Thank you Jen. I understand the motivation behind the rest of you not telling me (the idea being that Kris should have that burden) but it just doesn't matter. Later on, that same evening, Kris found the balls to give me a call. Know this...Jen giving me a heads up did nothing to change the conversation that took place.

That conversation is recreated here VERBATIM!

Sara: Hello?

Kris: Hey, John?

Sara: It's Sara...but go ahead.

Kris: Well...I just wanted to let you know that you're not invited to the wedding.

Sara: That's fine I wouldn't want to come anyway.

Kris: Well...that makes things easier... Sara: Goodbye.

That's it. The entire conversation. Now, should you confront Kris, you might hear a different story. One in which he tells me I could come to the wedding as long as I wore a suit. A nice woman's suit, of course, but no dress. While I'm going to leave the hypocritical bigotry of that statement alone...for simply wasn't made. It's a fiction. A lie.

That night a line was drawn. NOT by me. A line that I am inexorably on one side of. I will tell you this...I am PROUD to be there. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but comfortable with me. The fact that Kris sees fit to change his story when confronted by those who findLink his actions offensive, says that he is NOT comfortable with himself. Have the courage to stand by your convictions...regardless of how asinine they may be.

Now, to the point. Should the fiction that Kris has created in his mind have been true...know this...MY ANSWER WOULD HAVE BEEN THE SAME. Now I could launch into a lengthy post on bigotry and transsexuality...but wait...I already have.


More recently, Nick has entered into the fray with this little exchange...


Found on my sister Jen's Facebook page. For those of you who are not her friends on is the exchange reproduced...

Posted on Friday, August 13th

Jen: Girls night tonight. Just me and my girls! Can't wait! Woo hoo!

Nick: Too bad you couldn't make it to the wedding.

Jen: Yeah. And it's too bad Sara couldn't be there too.

Nick: That's a situation only between Kris and John the rest of us need to stay out of it, is that the reason why you didn't come to the wedding.

To some, this situation may seem "complicated". Allow me to simplify. Ask yourself this, faithful reader, if someone you cared deeply about (a spouse, child, parent, lover, friend) was excluded from an activity that you had been invited to because they didn't fit the mold of what the host considered worthy...would you continue to go without them? Not fair you might say...well you're's not. But, it is the truth. Life is full of examples of infamous fence sitters, hedgers, avoiders and their like. None of them fair very well. They are not remembered in a positive light. History is made by those that stand, firm and public, in their convictions.

There is no gray area here. Kris, and LeAnn, have seen to that. You either agree with them or you don't. You either support them or you don't. But, unless you make that known...then you can be claimed by anyone. You are owned by whichever side chooses you as theirs. Until you make your stand haven't made one.

I think that Yoda said it best...

"Do or do not. There is no try."

Should you see may voice your opinion publicly in the comments section here, or on Facebook, or on my sisters Facebook (should you have that permission). I would encourage you to do so...because a voice unheard is a voice uncounted.

With that in mind...allow me to make this affirmation publicly. From this day on LeAnn, Kris, and Nick will never see or hear from me again. I do not need people in my life that are mean, bigoted, ignorant, and a complete waste of my time. I have two sisters whom I believe love me dearly, and a mother whom I'm sure believes she feels the same. My father, when he was/is here, made it clear that he loved me...and that is how I will always remember him. I have quite a few friends, some clearly closer to me than others, and literally thousands of students who have voiced their high opinions of me both privately and publicly. And, most important, I have a daughter who loves me more than anyone else is capable of loving me. And, I love her too...coast to coast. And THAT is why I don't need them...or anyone who thinks like them.

Sara Jade Woodhouse

P.S. If you haven't started following my blog might be the time...I have a feeling things are just going to get more interesting from here. Also, this is the last time I will address this event.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Officially announcing MY candidacy for President! *wink*

So, it appears as though it is that time of year AGAIN. Everyone, and their dog (sometimes literally) are letting the world know that they are putting their name in the hat. The office of President of the United States of America is soon to be up for grabs.

I am constantly amazed, and sickened, at the approaches candidates use to run a campaign for the "Highest Office" in this country, and this year is no different. It seems as though running for president has become more about how you dump on your opponent and less about what the hell you're going to do about the mess were in.

So, let me officially throw my hat into the ring...that is if I had a hat...of course it would be a pretty cowgirl hat with a pink band around it and swirly designs.... Anywho, here are my campaign promises.

I promise never to mention anything my opponents have done. Why should I draw attention to them when it's my campaign?

I promise to let you know how little I know about what's going on, and how much I need your help to make sense of it all.

I promise to always put freedom first. And I mean freedom for everyone. I don't care whether you are black or white, yellow, red, purple, pink striped and polka dotted (and any other color I may have left out). I don't care whether you are straight, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered, queer, queer friendly, queer not-friendly; religious, non-religious, religious only on Sunday's, religious about beer; man, woman, child, child at heart, heartless; I promise you all freedom. Freedom to express your opinions, your wants, your desires, your desired opinions about wants; freedom to love, marry, engage in sexual intercourse...with or without love and marriage; freedom to debate, discuss, hate discussion or debates, or just hate. As long as you do not impinge on the freedom of others to do the are free.

I promise to keep my beliefs private, and as far as the governing of the country to adopt a position of agnosticism.

I promise I cannot be bought...and to let you know when it is tried.

And, above all else, I promise that as President I will have no problem admitting when I am wrong, using the words "I don't know.", and letting everyone know, on a daily basis, how imperfect I am.

There you have it. I know it's not much. But, vote for me anyway. If nothing else I promise it will be interesting. That is if I can find that pink cowgirl hat...dammit...where did I put that thing...

Sara Jade Woodhouse

P. S. I started this post quite some time ago...and only now got around to finishing it. But, I figured it could still serve it's purpose.