Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bigotry...and other things an evolved species has left behind...

I suppose I knew this post was was, after all, only a matter of time.

Born of ignorance and fear, nurtured by hate, and carried out by a general lack of intelligence...Bigotry is never warranted and always ugly. It ignores the facts and, unfortunately, often relies on (or rather uses) religious vagaries to justify it.

So...let's examine some facts:

Fact #1

Trans-sexuality is NOT new.
The Hijra's of India have been documented for at least 4000 years.

Fact #2

Trans-sexuality is NOT a choice.
Here are just two of the many SCIENTIFIC studies on the matter:

*Study 1
*Study 2

Fact #3

Trans-sexuality is NOT homo-sexuality.
While the studies are too numerous for me to list is a link that contains more than enough information (and it's own links) about this issue.


Bigotry of course takes on many forms:

There are the "Tolerance" Bigots - they have no problem referring to you by your proper gender while you are around. Of course this changes when you are out of sight (but not out of mind). Once that happens it becomes "he" instead of she, old (obviously masculine) name instead of proper (feminine) name. The condition becomes a point of humor, and derision, as opposition is never corrected or brought into question. These bigots are chickens/sheep and lack the moral fortitude to back up any decision they may make in their lives.

There are the "Vindictive" Bigots - these bigots, after knowing all there is to know, go out of their way to use the wrong gender, and the wrong name, when talking about you (or to you). They make a point of it (emphasizing the usage) to show that they do not care. These bigots lack compassion and (like the next two) are dangerous.

There are the "Religious Zealot" Bigots - calling upon mis-interpreted scripture, and the words of "holy" men, they justify their refusal of your rights and exert their right to do so because "God" has given them permission. They are fanatical, egotistical, and insane for they would assume the power of Prophet and lay claim to the judgement that their same "God" would say was His, and His alone.

...and finally...

There are the "Ignorant" Bigots - when you don't know the truth, and you refuse to learn the truth, then you can count yourself among the idiots of society. They ignore explanations steeped in science because the greatly diminished size of their brain cannot comprehend them. They are so primitive, and learning is so painful to them, that they prefer to remain in the darkness of their tiny caves. No matter how much proof they have presented to them...they will ignore it in favor of the superstitions that they are comfortable with.

The last three are dangerous...for they are often the leaders of such mob mentality as that which

...hung witches in Salem
...sold out "communists" to McCarthy
...beat to death women like Gwen Araujo, Angie Zapata, and Venus Xtravaganza
...and fed Christians to lions

the first one...well the first one may seem innocent enough...after all it is based in "tolerance"...but make NO mistake...the first one EMPOWERS the rest! You may think that because you don't participate DIRECTLY in this kind of hate, you are not like them...however the fact that you do nothing about it...allows it to take place. Be clear about this...


If you are not a part of the solution then you are a part of the problem. It really is that simple.

Each person makes their stand wherever and however they choose. Bigotry flourishes in the dark confines of a demented heart and outside of the public eye. Expose it to the sun of public criticism and it WILL be seen for what it is...UGLY.

The world is round, the moon is not made of cheese, and bigotry is wrong.

Sara Jade

*Recently I have discovered that my "sister" LeAnn, and her son Kris, have made it clear that I am NOT invited to his wedding.*